Great video For Real Estate

As an estate agent am I always looking for a professionally shot video, it saves me incredibly on time, and getting a DVD that shows the essence of a home is something I value significantly. A friend suggested that I use twenty14media as they used them for a special event and I am indeed very happy with the result. The professionalism, which I wanted, is evident and the home looks incredibly impressive which quite a few people who have seen the DVD commented on. I will use them for all my future DVD’s as well, that is for sure!

Mandy Saunderson, estate agent at

Best Training Video I own

Training video’s popularity are growing tremendously, however many people still refrain from getting a professionally shot DVD simply due to the high costs involved in a professional DVD. I used twnety14media for my training video and could not have asked for a more professional and affordable method to showcase my expert training video. I suggest you try them as you will be able to show off your expertise with a professionally shot DVD and the costs are minimal.

Ben Bratt, teacher at

I use twenty14media for all my website videos

Years ago, nobody knew that website videos would ever be so popular and today you need a website video to stay ahead of competitors. My website on building stands out from those of my competition simply because I make use of twenty14media’s professionally shot web content videos. I look like the expert through their competent video services. It is the best marketing strategy while I showcase my expertise by action more than just words, which is something my clients appreciate.

Colin Firth, professional builder at

Great Web Commercials with Twenty14media

Everybody knows the power of a commercial, but a great commercial is where the attractions and turnover lies. I used twenty14media for my last five web commercials and each one is better than the previous. I have not seen a better shot DVD or more professionally done job at such a slow price. They are professionals and it shows in their DVD. You can see it is not amateurish as many people’s web video tend to be, but it is still incredibly affordable.

Renate Foster bed and breakfast owner at

Very satisfied With Twenty14Media

We recently used twenty14media for an event and are especially impressed with the incredibly professional video that they created of the event. We use promotional videos quite often in promotions and even to mark milestones and this particular DVD stood out from the rest as it was expertly done and special moments was shot that most of us would ordinarily have missed. With this video, we create historical records that we showcase on our website at Casinouzmani77 as well as a great promotional tool for sponsors and other organizations we collaborate with.

Recep Karakuş, Senior Web designer at