Special events video promote your organization’s activity, create a historical record and can be used as a fundraiser by selling a DVD of all the action from the event.
Webcasts and live event videos on location is the effective historical and special promotional tool most business need to stand out. We use multi-camera video to capture events including graduations, corporate meeting, awards dinners, special functions, breakfasts and dinners, talks and more.


Our professional crew capture any historical moments that otherwise would or could have gone unnoticed during your special event. You have the ability to captivate and portray everyone in attendance in a watchable and fun way with our custom videos. You could also choose to have us do our video editing on location should you wish to show your audience attending your event a highlight reel before production.


We have over a decade of experience and film at offices, hotels, conventions centers and anywhere where you host your special event. We are reliable, act, dress and take care of your event professionalism and expertise. Contact us today for a free video consultation!